I am lucky enough to winter in Vero but was hesitant leaving my home base and my pilates studio. My pilates instructor researched Pilates studios in and near Vero and suggested I go to S.T.A.R. Pilates. She stated that the credentials of the instructors were the best in the area! A little background on me and my quest to live a pain free life. I have lived most of my adult life in pain whether it be my neck, shoulder, hip, foot, hand (all on my right side). Years of doctor visits, physical therapy, and shots gave me short relief. But I gave up walking, golf, and finally gardening. I started pilates in September 2016 and immediately felt better. Thus, why I was hesitant to leave my home base.

So, in November, I apprehensively walked into S.T.A.R. Pilates. I was greeted with smiles and hellos and a complete assessment of my body and lots of dialogue about how my body felt. Honesty, I have to say I was disappointed when it was suggested that I try M.E.L.T. instead of pilates. Immediately I said to myself not what I came for! BUT boy am I glad my instructor, Christine Purdy suggested I give M.E.L.T. a try. After my first session I felt immediate relief and it lasted for days! I signed up for only 2 sessions per week and I by the end of the first month I was pain free! Honest! Now I walk – on the beach – 5 miles a day – NO PAIN. I went back to golfing – NO PAIN. I can actually type this with NO PAIN. It’s nothing short of a miracle. I have never felt better and I owe it all to M.E.L.T. and to S.T.A.R. Pilates. My instructor has taught me more about my body than any doctor ever has.

I have been coming to Vero for 15 years and love it but I love it more than ever because I will get to work out at S.T.A.R. Pilates!
~Nancy F
Within 15 minutes of working with Gini my pain level went from an eight to a two. The injury that brought me to her was some torn and herniated discs in my lower back. They had healed but I was in continuous pain and my movement was severely restricted. After a few sessions with Gini I was able to move without pain and I have resumed my life. People have said I look younger and thinner and I realized it was because the pain that was always present for over a year was now gone. Plus I grew ¼ of an inch! Gini also helped eliminate the fear I had of moving because I was afraid of re-injury. By learning how to move properly that is no longer a worry.
Laura S.
I had double knee replacement in June of 2005. I had a good recovery, but I still had trouble with balance when I walked on an uneven surface, or took a step off a curb. I had heard that Pilates could help me with this problem, and started going to Gini in June of 2008. At this time I had also joined Weight Watchers, and with the hope of Gini and her Pilates instruction, I have been able to lose one hundred pounds. Gini worked with me on my muscle tone while I was losing this weight, to keep my body firmer. I have had weekly sessions with her for over four years now. Pilates is challenging, but not strenuous in the sense that it could be painful. I am never asked to do anything that might hurt me. I am now able to walk with confidence, knowing that even on an uneven surface I can regain my balance if I start to fall. Gini works with me to keep up my strength and flexibility. I would highly recommend Pilates to anyone of any age to keep them strong and healthy as they go through life.
Jean H.
“I refer to Gini as the ‘muscle whisperer’ because she has such a unique way of reading your body for problem areas, pinpointing the affected muscles and providing relief through direct pressure, stretching or other necessary movement. Her palate of solutions are diverse and her Pilates foundation provides awareness, assessment and treatment of the overall body, not just one section of the body, leading to overall healing and wellness. Gini is also consistently professional and personally cares which makes it a pleasure to see her on a regular basis.”
Brenda C.
I have had osteoporosis and scoliosis for a number of years and have bouts of considerable pain. My doctor recommended that the best way to control the pain and degeneration was to enter into an exercise program that would include stretching, weights and Pilates. Gini Murphy has worked with me for an extended period of time both in classes and private sessions. Her care, knowledge, patience and professional judgment has truly changed my life. When I work with her regularly I can be virtually pain free.
Peggy A.
After suffering with lower back pain and a series of failed treatments, it was a blessing to find Gini. I have never worked with someone so knowledgeable and versatile. She seems the most body-aware person I have ever met and her never-ending variety of technique has helped me reduce my pain and improve my strength better than any physical therapist or chiropractor.
Giancarlo C.
Christine Purdy of Melt therapy has helped me to be able to stand up much straighter and my pain level has decreased dramatically. I would recommend people to try this when recovering from surgery as it does not require strenuous exercise to allow your body to recover. The exercises with balls and rollers allow muscles to hydrate and relax so they do not pull on the areas that have repaired by surgery. I am a believer that Melt Therapy at S.T.A.R. Pilates is a wonderful exercise for people with injuries that have been told they can no longer do things they always did before their surgery or accident.
~Darryl L
The other day I told Gini that if I could stay in Florida all year, it would be because of S.T.A.R. Pilates. It sounds extreme, but I meant it. After years of back and knee problems, I was unable to do any exercises without pain and fear of injury. Thanks to the skilled and patient guidance I’ve received from Gini and Christine, my strength is returning, and I’m able to reach muscles I haven’t been able to work for years.

Besides my private Pilates lessons with Christine, I’ve added two classes, stretching and osteofit, and I’m ecstatic every time I can add one more accomplishment to my “I can do that!” list. I’m so grateful that I found S.T.A.R. Pilates. It has truly been a life changer.
~Margo M