Are you ready to improve your golf game?

Functional Movement Assessment for Golfers

Improve your game now by improving your body

Golf, like all sports requires a lot from our bodies. It’s time to have a professional assessment of your body, it’s strengths and weaknesses and relate it to your golf game with a Functional Movement Assessment customized just for golfers.

  • Are you hitting several of your clubs the same distance?
  • Have you lost distance in your long shots over the years?
  • Maybe it’s not your swing…
  • Do you have pain while you play or after you’ve played?
  • Do you have pain keeping you from playing at all?
  • Maybe it’s not the golf…

It’s probably your BODY!

Golf Swing Assesment

When are bodies can move correctly through certain functional movement patterns, performance improves and injuries and injury risk decrease.

This Functional Movement Assessment will identify deficits or limitations in these functional movement patterns as they relate to golf.

The Assessment includes:

  • Postural Assessment (with photos if desired)
  • Functional Movement Screen specific for golf – 11 movements which are scored
  • Score Card Analysis of how your deficits may be affecting your golf game
  • Follow Up Recommendations

 30 minute session: $50

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Joanne Duncanson, PT