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Pilates Academy International

The Pilates Academy International ( is committed to helping dedicated and qualified individuals gain the knowledge and teaching skills they need to become excellent, sought-after Pilates instructors.

A great Pilates instructor must have four essential skills:

  • Solid understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and postural issues.
  • Strong command of the Pilates exercise repertoire.
  • Ability to see the need for modifications and adjust accordingly.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate clients to reach their fitness goals.

Without all of the above skills, Pilates instructors cannot provide their clients with the best instruction they could receive and thus prevent the client from reaping all the benefits Pilates has to offer. Our program not only teaches students to analyze and assess a variety of conditions quickly-from the simple to the complex-but also instills students with a wide range of modifications of traditional Pilates exercises. Modifications preserve the intended goal of the exercises, making them accessible to all ages, body types and fitness levels.

As clients embark on their journey to discover healthier movement patterns and find more freedom in their bodies, our students are prepared to help them meet their unique fitness goals.

Each course has its own criteria, all of which can be found under Course Requirements. In summary, to become a fully trained Pilates instructor, over 200 classroom hours are required in addition to personal review, practice teaching and observation hours. Information on all of our courses can be found on the Course Descriptions.

The Core Curriculum

All Pilates Academy International courses will focus on the following:

  • Fundamental execution of each exercise
  • Anatomy and biomechanics of each exercise
  • Exercise modification skills
  • Cueing and correcting skills
  • Workout design skills
  • Transition skills
  • Progression skills

Pilates Academy International Course Requirements

The Pilates Academy International upholds course requirements commensurate with other Pilates teachers training programs around the world.

In the chart, prospective students will find the hours required of them both in the classroom and out, as observation, personal practice and practice teaching are all necessary components of becoming a successful Pilates instructor.

PAI Hour Requirements

PAI Requirements Table

PAI Pilates Teacher Training Program Course Descriptions

Anatomy, Bio mechanics and Posture Review (APB) 15 hours- Fee 599.00(does NOT include manual)  This course reviews the structure (bones, muscles, joints, etc.) that forms the support of the human body. An emphasis will be placed on the “ideal” posture and bio mechanics of each joint while helping students learn how to detect abnormalities both statically and dynamically. Open to all personal trainers this invaluable course will help make you provide lasting results to your clients and will increase your marketability.

All Populations Mat I (APM I) 35 hours- Fee 1075.00 (includes manual)  This course teaches the first three tiers (Fundamental 1, Fundamental 2 and Intermediate) of the Mat repertoire. Students will learn how to modify exercises for all age groups and fitness levels to create safe and effective workouts. Emphasis is placed on maintaining variety and providing small challenges while safely progressing a client in order to avoid monotony.
Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency

All Populations Mat II (APM II) 5 hours- Fee 270.00 (includes manual) This course teaches Tiers 4&5 (Advanced Intermediate and Advanced) of the Mat repertoire. Students will learn to assess when to challenge a client and how to progress the client safely and effectively.
Prerequisite: ABP, APM I

All Populations Reformer I (APR I) 50 hours- Fee 1725.00 (includes manual)  This course covers Reformer exercises, and equips students with an ability to customize workouts for all ages and fitness levels. Covering the first three tiers, Fundamental through Intermediate, APR also teaches the physics of the Reformer so that students understand how to safely correctly operate the Reformer. Emphasis is placed on the differences between Pilates machine and regular gym equipment to prepare instructors to meet their clients’ various needs.
Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency.

All Populations Reformer II (APR II) 18 hours- Fee 630.00 (includes manual)  Students will learn how to teach their clients very challenging Reformer exercises, using Tiers 4&5. Care is taken to ensure each student understands the benchmarks a client should accomplish before an advanced exercise is attempted, which may include exercises on other equipment.
Prerequisite: APB, APR I

All Populations Cadillac I (APC I) 30 hours- Fee 1075.00 (includes manual) This course teaches students the fundamental first three tiers of exercises conducted on the Cadillac. The Cadillac provides focus on isolated joint movements to strengthen the joint properly and correct faulty movement habits. Emphasis will be placed on the benefits of Cadillac exercises as stepping stones to a more challenging workout.
Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency

All Populations Cadillac II (APC II) 12 hours- Fee 500.00 (includes manual) Building on the previous course, the Cadillac progressions course teaches the final two tiers in the Cadillac repertoire so you may challenge your clients safely and effectively. Some of these exercises challenge core strength significantly. Thus students will be taught the “benchmarks” for assessing when to progress a client.
Prerequisite:  ABP, APCadillac I

All Populations Chair I (APCh I) 15 hours- Fee 615.00 (includes manual) Students will learn the first three tiers of Chair exercises from Fundamental 1 through Intermediate. Students will be taught the many merits of the chair and how to integrate this often under-used piece of equipment into clients’ workout routines.
Prerequisite: ABP or proof of competency

All Populations Chair II (APCh II) 12 hours- Fee 420.00 (includes manual) This course adds Tiers 4 & 5 to the chair repertoire learned in the All Populations Chair course. Students will not only learn the new exercises, but also how to progress their clients carefully, delivering optimal results in strength and control.
Prerequisite:  ABP, APCh I

All Populations Barrels I  (APB I) 8 hours- Fee 385.00 (includes manual) This course must be preceded by All Populations Mat I course. This course covers the first three tiers of exercises on the arc barrel (small barrel), spine corrector and ladder barrel.  Students will learn how to incorporate the barrels into a clients workout-using it as a support or a challenge, depending on the exercise.
Prerequisite: ABP & APM I

All Populations Barrels II (APB II) 4 hours- Fee 220.00 (includes manual) This course builds on the material learned in the APBarrels course, adding the final two tiers of the repertoire. Students will learn how to use these exercises to challenge both their core strength and their own body awareness and control.
Prerequisite: ABP, APB I

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