Why Should I Do Pilates?

I often get asked, “Why should I do Pilates?  My response is, “So glad you asked!”

At S.T.A.R. Pilates we focus on HOW you move.  What does that mean?  Again, glad you asked.

Our bodies are made to move in a certain fashion.  Biceps bend elbows and enable us to eat, drink, pick things up, etc.  Legs get us up and down from chairs & out the car. You get the idea.  However, I have a catch phrase that I use often: “due to life, injury & vocation our bodies adapt postures and habits that are not always optimal to our structure/system.”  For example, if you’ve injured your right knee & never really addressed it you probably don’t bear your full weight on that leg & your left leg bears more weight than it should.  It also means that the weight, or load, you bear in your hips isn’t equal either, which translates to an uneven load in your spine and even possibly into your shoulders.  Your a mess!!! Pilates to the rescue!

When you do Pilates, one of the goals is to even out the imbalances of the body.  Your trainer will tell you move your body so that you are “square”. You strive for the closest semblance.  Then you are asked to move while being square.  Many times when you are “square” you feel mighty crooked. Crooked is the new square.  For now. Eventually the muscles respond and will get used to working in the proper alignment.

I did say how you move.  Example:  You pick up your laundry basket.  You grab either side & lift.  Do you need to use your upper trapezius muscles to do this (most people know these muscles as your shoulders, the ones that lift  as if you’re saying “I don’t know”)?  Not really.  However, it is quite easy to use those muscles because they are large & happy to oblige.  There are other muscles that can/should come into play so that your “traps” aren’t overworked.  They just require you to talk to them & ask them to work, which is work in itself, but the payoff is rich.  Here at S.T.A.R. Pilates you learn how to talk to those muscles.  You learn where they are & what they do.  Your body thanks you!

This all may sound to daunting, you may just want to move, work out & feel the benefits of taking care of yourself & not worry about how you are moving. No worries, you will.  Even though it sounds technical, the technique gets weaved into the lesson, constantly re-iterated (in words & action) and eventually you understand & can execute motion properly.  Success!

The question posed was, “Why should I do Pilates?”  You should do Pilates to take care of your body, pay attention to it & maintenance it (it works for you all day long).  I said the payoff is rich.  You also gain strength, mobility and confidence. Question answered.

Have a great day!


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