Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

Pink Ribbon Program

S.T.A.R. Pilates joined forces with the American Cancer Society in their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.  We had a team of 12, all wearing S.T.A.R. t-shirts with “Pilates for Pink” printed on the back to promote the class I teach for breast cancer survivors.

The weather was good, a bit hot with an occasional breeze and good spirits abounded.  I got up on the stage to lead a warm up prior to walking.  Many participated as I demonstrated & took them through a quick, 5 minute warm up that heated up and stretched out our muscles.  I was quite enthusiastic & it was well received by the crowd.  I was proud to be able to stand there in support of the women in front of me that have stood up to breast cancer & conquered.  I was proud to be there  in support of those who were not there in body, but in spirit.

And, we’re off!  There were about 2000 attendees who came out to show support to the American Cancer Society and to support each other.  We walked around the loop three times to complete the course.  There were people handing out water & even a singer that entertained us with show tunes.  It was wonderful to be with folks with such a positive attitude.

Our team has collected 2,105.00, to date.  THANK YOU!! Thank you to those that generously donated their money to the cause.  It will help those in need.  Thank you to my team.  By wearing Pilates for Pink t-shirts you helped spread the word regarding my class & someone will gain strength due to your participation.

My class, Pilates for Pink, also helps those in need.  It is for anyone who has undergone any type of surgery for breast cancer.  I teach them how to move their arm, shoulders, and of course, abs (remember, Pilates for Pink).  Many women don’t know that they should have full range of motion with their arms.  Many don’t.  I empower them in class &  I am able to send them home with a book from the Pink Ribbon Program ( that has pictures & explanations of the exercises we do in class due to generous donations from Friends After Diagnosis, a breast cancer support group in Indian River County (

I wish to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated in this event.  We have collectively changed lives for the better. What can be better than that?


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