You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

Confession:  I am a bit OCD when it comes to technique.  I know that this is truly a news flash for those of you who know me (ha!), but for those of you who don’t, it’s the truth.

My Bachelor of Fine Arts is in Dance.  Dance didn’t come easy to me, I had to work at everything.  Of course, all dancers work for everything, but some had to work harder than others.  I can also tell you that my self confidence wasn’t very good either, which didn’t help, making me only a fair dancer.

That being said, in my Pilates career I have strived to master the mechanics of motion.  Many hours have been spent practicing the exercises.   Unfortunately, there are a few exercises  within the repertoire that to this day I still haven’t mastered for one reason or another.  I usually don’t even think to do them in my personal workouts.

Not the case the other day.  I thought about an exercise that has been a thorn in my side and decided to take a look at it and dissect what I was doing wrong.  I reviewed old notes and even watched a video.  So, here I go, I am going to try and do it.  I did mention my self confidence used to be lacking….

I remembered an article I recently read about the youngest female skier to win a gold medal.  She talked about visualization. I therefore said to myself,  “There is no reason under the sun that you can’t do this.  If she can work and visualize herself into winning a gold medal, you can do this exercise”.

Guess what?  I did it.  I did it again.  And I did it again.

Why am I telling you this personal story?  I began learning Pilates at 23.  I am 45.  I decided to change the “talk” in my head.  Did I mention I am 45?  Not only can you teach an old dog new tricks but the dog can get stronger, too.

Do you talk to yourself poorly?  Please, don’t.  You are mighty and I would love to hear you roar.


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